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I write here. Mostly.
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What's cool with lj, is downloading music, admiring icons and reading poetry by patient/talented/generous people.
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XD... ehhheheh ^^;

1) Spell your first name backwards: Oowoow!
2) The story behind your nickname: P-PO... need I say more?
3) How old: 13.. 14 in May :D
4) Where do you live: Purple Box, Mtl, Qc, CA o_o;
5) 4 words that sum you up: Insanely Innocent Little Creature
6) Wallet: err.. it’s blue.. and nothing. o.O
7) Hairbrush: I use my fingers XD
8) Toothbrush: blue-purpley electric thingy
9) Jewelry worn daily: NOTHING XP!!
10) Room: uh.. random clothes ditched anywhere on the bed, floor & chair.. with some more random stuff such as papers, pillows & MORE papers. *scary*
11) Blanket: abstract-patterned and not-that-warm?
12) Coffee cup: not drinking coffee... O_o;
13) Sunglasses: PÉDO-PO STYLED XD.
14) Underwear: ..cute?!
15) Shoes: blue, very used and pitiful! ^^; O the poor, poor creatures. o_o;
16) Bookbag: dark blue with Tare Panda on it! X3
17) Favorite top: the dark chinese flower thingy combined with the kawaii flashy yellow ‘Dancer Family’ duck t-shirt on top XD
18) Favorite pants: uh.. the comfy beige pants. o_o
19) CD in stereo right now: Hikki’s DEEP RIVER. ^^v
20) Tattoos: none..
21) Piercing: none....
22) What you are wearing now?: cute Sakura t-shirt and uh.. other clothes -_-;
24) Makeup: O_O, NONE! WTF! MAKEUP = SUPER-SHIT...
25) Something that you are deathly afraid of: naked Patrick, naked Hisoka, naked Lil’ Jon, etc.
26) Do you like candles: ^^.. (that’s not even an answer -_-)
27) Do you like hot wax: ^^.. (again)
28) Do you like incense: Yup! ^^
29) Do you like the taste of blood: O_O nooo.. it’s disgusting.. when my nose bleeds.. x__x;;
30) Do you believe in love: ya o_o;
31) Do you believe in soul mates: y..ya? o__o;
32) Do you believe in love at first sight: y..ya! o___o;
33) Do you believe in Heaven: Heaven is the Bubble Tea shop!! XD
34) Do you believe in Hell: HELL is SCHOOL!! XO
35) Do you believe in forgiveness: yes.. o_o
36) Do you believe in God: ...well...... (not answering, XD)
37) Do you believe in the Devil: It is YOU, Patrick. >(
38) What do you want done with your body when you die: Censored XD uhh I dunno O_O;
39) Who is your worst enemy: MATHS TT-TT *so immature XD*
40) School: HELL, I tell ya. >(
41) Blank spot, to annoy you: HAPPY GHETTOoo..! ...Oh. O_O;;
42) Eyes: ..brown ._.;
44) Siblings: ORÉO-POUNDO, my MINI-ME!! XD ok, so I don’t have REAL siblings. -_-;;
45) Ever Been So Drunk You passed out: nah o_O
46) Missed School Because It Was Raining: WTF, um, nope ^^!
47) Set Any Body Part on Fire for Amusement: O______O.
48) Kept a Secret from everyone: ..maybe not everyone o.O
49) Had an Imaginary Friend: nah.. HEY JOE :D *smiles at wall*
50) Wanted To Hook Up With a Friend: o.O? ..what?? uh, nope ^^;;
51) Cried during a Flick: Does RADIO count? I mean, the movie.. O__o..
52) Ever *Liked* a Teacher: NAH, XD
53) Ever Thought An Animated character was hot: um, I still do, XDDD
54) Ever Prank Called Someone: Not me.. P-PO..
55) Been On Stage: I ...guess.. not.. sure.. O__O
56) Shampoo: anything with aloe ._.
57) T.V. Soap: none.. .__.
58) Colors: red & orange :D
59) Day/Night: after much hesitation, day ^^;
60) Kind of music: j-rock/pop/wtv ^^!!
61) Lace Or Satin: satin o.O
62) Cartoon Character: KILLUA! From Hunter x Hunter mwahaha. XD
63) Dance: aerobic LIL’ PO STYLE XDDD
64) Have a bf/gf: no..
65) Love anyone: not for now..
66) Who's The Loudest: P-PO!!
67) Who's the Shyest: ..Wooti?
68) Who Do You Go to For Advice: oddly enough.. P-PO.. O_O XD
69) Who Do You Cry With: anyone except Wonue O_O
70) Been Mean: not intentionally O_O
71) Been sarcastic: sarcasm is FUN~
72) Talked To Someone You Have A Crush On: umm.. HAD.. err.. wtv?
73) Missed Someone: always..
74) Hugged Someone You Liked: my.. friends -_- of course X3
75) Fought with your parents: HÉRISSON.. on a regular basis.. ;
76) Wished Upon A Star: not a star, but.. .__.;
77) Laughed Until You Cried: XDDD YEP.. cried of pain for stomach-aches caused by laughter..
78) Watched A Sunrise/Sunset: ya o.O
79) Are You Happy: not always ^^;
80) Are You Talking to Someone Online: G-Y.. OMG sorry!! O__O
81) What was your youngest crush: forgot
82) Have your friends ever been mean to you: Shadwa..? Well, she’s not worth calling a friend anymore -_-..
83) The Big Bang Theory: uh.. O_O
84) Who Named You: err, p-po, or my dad?? O_o
85) When Was The Last Time You Showered: this morning ^^
86) What is right next to you: the phone >>;
87) What Is Your Computer Desk Made of: wood, right? o.O
88) What Are The Last 4 Digits In Your Phone #: 8727
89) Ate/Drank: carrot mini-muffins/orange juice
90) Saw at the cinema: the Darkness
91) What will Your First Son's Name Be: hmm.. surely not Ronald.. XD.. I dunno yet -_-;
92) Daughter's Name Will Be: Yuki or Kimmy O__o or just.. uh.. gah, forget it -_-;;
93) Do You Like Talking To People On The phone or in person: people.. like strangers? no comment.. x_x;
94) Do You Consider Cheerleading A Sport: not really O_O;
95) Blank Spot to annoy you: HIZZZOKA. XD
96) Do You Want Your Friends To Do This And Send it back: this wasn’t in an e-mail ^^;
97) Getting bored: o.O.. not that much, but if you insist, XD
98) Where is the truth: within P-PO!! LOL XD..
99) What kind of mood are you in right now: anxious for math tomorrow X_X;;
100) How much time did you spend on this quiz (so far): o, I didn’t check O_O; I’m sure it took me quite a while though -_-; (poor G-Y still talking alone O_O)
101) Why did you fill this out: I just.. HAD to do this. XD
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everything is SO PURPLE!!


Once upon a time there has a young SCARY EVIL DUDE.. named BONHOMME PILLSBURY. He was SARCASTICALLY SMASHING in the PURPLEY? forest when he met INSANE BONHOMME LAID, a run-away CHEERLEADER from the CUTE ^.^ Queen MIWOUSH.

BONHOMME PILLSBURY could see that INSANE BONHOMME LAID was hungry so he reached into his PURPLE BOX.. and give him his PINK GUMCHIPS. INSANE BONHOMME LAID was thankful for BONHOMME PILLSBURY's GUMCHIPS, so he told BONHOMME PILLSBURY a very COOL story about Queen MIWOUSH's daughter CORNFLAKE. How her mother, the CUTE ^.^ Queen MIWOUSH, kept her locked away in a ZIPLOC INDUSTRY protected by a gigantic EVIL MICRO-ONDES, because CORNFLAKE was so MORE PURPLE...

BONHOMME PILLSBURY LOOKED O.O. He vowed to INSANE BONHOMME LAID the CHEERLEADER that he would save the MORE PURPLE.. CORNFLAKE. He would KISS the EVIL MICRO-ONDES, and take CORNFLAKE far away from her eveil mother, the CUTE ^.^ Queen MIWOUSH, and STEAL her.

Then, all of the sudden, there was a UNPURPLE FROG RAIN and INSANE BONHOMME LAID the CHEERLEADER began to laugh. With a puff of smoke he turned into the gigantic EVIL MICRO-ONDES from his story. CUTE ^.^ Queen MIWOUSH ASS-KICKED out from behind a SOUPE GATTUSO and struck BONHOMME PILLSBURY dead. In the far off ZIPLOC INDUSTRY you could hear a ORO?!.


Make your own Fairy Tale at fuali.com

And I still live in a purple box, xD!!
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